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Pack of 4 Guitar Capos

Pack of 4 Guitar Capos

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  • Built to last - Steel spring with internal memory to provide strength and fatigue resistance. It will put just enough pressure on each guitar, so that you can get a nice sound without buzz.
  • Easy to move - Quickly change position between frets on stage with one hand.
  • No fret buzz - stays in tune with a great intonation in all frets.
  • Wide applicability - Fits perfectly electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, banjo, folk guitars and mandolin, and so on.
  • No scratches - High quality silicone pad will protect your instrument against da mage. The handle has a silicone pad, which is very comfortable to use.

Product Description

DESCRIPTION The Secret of Never Playing Out of Tune Again. No More Fret Buzz. Make Fast Changes on Stage. Whether you’re in the studio working on recordings, playing live on the stage at a gig, or just jamming with friends, the ability to change keys quickly and easily is an incredible asset for a versatile musician. Instead of spending long minutes awkwardly fumbling with your guitar tuner, with a quality capo all it takes is a quick squeeze of a lever to change keys in a flash. 5 Core's Capo assures buzz-free, in-tune performance at any fret. our capo is for really fast changes on stage. Easily applied and adjusted with one hand, its spring-loaded design is equally at home on acoustic or electric guitars, and can be conveniently ˜parked' on the peg head when not in use.



Material: Aluminum alloy, Rubber Package

1*Guitar Capo Size: 3.2*3.1* 0.47 In Product

weight: 1.2oz No Scratches Silicone Rubber lines entire gripper jaw to protect your precious guitar from any scratches or damage.


No Buzz Built-in spring that clamps the jaws around the neck of a guitar. Applies just the right amount of pressure. Tight on strings and no more fret buzz with our high performance capo. Easy to Use Moving and removing them is simple – just squeeze the “trigger” with your hands to release the tension, move it somewhere else, and release.

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